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Sealers, Liners, Primers & Coatings
Pit & Fissure Sealers
Cavity Liner
Bonding Agent
CuRay Dentin/Enamel Bonding System
Composite Restoratives
Anterior/Posterior Restoratives
Flowable Restoratives
Core Build-Up Materials
Crown and Bridge Material
Temporary Restoratives
Dental Cements
Permanent Cements
Temporary Cements
Implant Cements
Orthodontic Adhesives/Cements
Auxiliary Dental Materials
Tooth Conditioners
Polishing Pastes
Primer/Adhesion Promoter
Releasing Agent
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30-10 Disposable Spatulas 100 Mixing and dispensing spatulas made of Delrin. Resistant to all dental materials and solvents commonly used in dentistry.
30-20 Disposable Mini Sponges Approximately 200 Polyurethane sponges; facilitate controlled application of etching agents, primers, bonding agents, etc. Broad compatibility with dental materials.
30-30 Disposable Brushes and handles 80 Nylon, tapered-tip brushes for application of fissure sealers, bonding agents, primers, paint-on type restoratives, etc.
30-40 Mixing Well Units, set of 5 Wells for mixing, blending and dispensing of liquid dental materials. Each unit contains 12 wells.
30-50 Disposable Tips 100 disposable dispensing tips for Gel-Etch (Cat. No. 70-12 and Cat. No. 70-14).
30-55 Disposable Luer-Lock Tips 60 disposable 20 gauge needlepoint tips for use with Economy Size Gel Etch (Cat. No. 70-125 B and Cat. No. 70-143 B), CuRay-Match flowable composite, and Fluoroseal cavity liner and Sci-White teeth whitener.
30-57 Disposable Static Mixers with Needlepoint Tips 50 disposable static mixers with intra-oral needlepoint tips for use with Newcore core build-up restorative.
30-58 Disposable Static Mixers 50 disposable static mixers for use with Sci-Span temporary crown and bridge material (Long Blue tips).
30-70 Mixing Pads, set of 5 Mixing pads made of special impregnated paper. Each pad contains 80 sheets.
30-80 Mylar Sheets A set of 100 mylar sheets for use in placement and curing restoratives, core build-up materials, etc.
31-01 Applicator Syringes, Gel Etch A package of 10 3cc luer-lock applicator syringes.
31-02 Applicator Syringes A package of 10 1cc luer-lock applicator syringes.
35-30 Disposable Long Handled Brushes 50 Nylon brushes with two-inch handle.
31-40 Disposable Static Mixers 50 disposable static mixers for use with NeoZoe, and Eugenone (Brown tips)
35-56 Disposable Static Mixers 50 disposable static mixers for use with Until Automix, Fast & Gentle and Glasion P/P (Short Blue tips)
35-75 Dispensing Gun
For dispensing restoratives and cements from unidose carpules.
Dispensing Gun Cat. No. 35-75

  • Convenient delivery system; direct to cavity application
  • Use of unidose carpules saves application time and
    minimizes waste.