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Cat. No. 50-02, 51-02

Glass Ionomer Restorative, Liner and Cement

Glass ionomer-type materials have gained their place in dentistry thanks to their ability to bond to dentin, the recognized ability to leach fluoride into the tooth structure, and their relatively good biocompatibility. Their recommended scope of application includes selected Class V restorations (especially in geriatric dentistry), permanent cementation of crowns and bridges, cementation of orthodontic bands, and lining cavities in cases where there is no direct pulp exposure.

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  • Versatile - broad scope of applications
  • Reproducible working/setting times
  • Bonds to dentin
  • Contains leachable fluoride
  • Long shelf-life with no need for refrigeration

50-02 KIT CONTAINS: (Regular Size Kit)

Cat. No. 50-021 Powder, 25g
Cat. No. 50-022 Liquid, 15ml
Accessories, Instructions

51-02 KIT CONTAINS: (Economy Size Kit)

Cat. No. 51-021 Powder, 100g
Cat. No. 51-022 Liquid, 60ml
Accessories, Instructions


Cat. No. 51-025 B Glasion® Varnish, 15cc