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Fluoroseal®, a light-cured cavity liner, is designed to build a cavity floor in deep restorations. In addition to providing a mechanically strong shield for the pulp, it also contributes to thermal insulation and acts as a barrier against chemical irritants from cements and restoratives. It is compatible with all known restoratives and cements and has the ability to chemically bond to composite restorative materials.

Cat. No. 75-035 B
Cat. No. 75-03, 75-13


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  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Economical
  • Compatible with all restoratives and cements
  • Mechanically strong and insoluble in oral fluids
  • Long shelf-life; no refrigeration required
  • Resistant to etching agents
  • X-ray opaque
  • Simplified handling; direct-to-tooth application
    (Cat. No. 75-035 B: Dentin Shade, Trial Kit)

TRIAL KIT (Cat. No. 75-035 B) CONTAINS:

Cat. No. 75-035: Liner, 1.5g
5 Disposable Applicator Tips

OTHER KITS (Cat. No. 75-03 and Cat. No. 75-131) CONTAIN:

Cat. No. 75-03 Kit:
Cat. No. 75-031: Liner, Dentin Shade, 7.5g x 2 Syringes

Cat. No. 75-13 Kit:
Cat. No. 75-131: Liner, Contrast Shade, 7.5g x 2 Syringes


Cat. No. 30-55: Disposable Dispensing Luer-Loc Tips, Set of 60