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Sealers, Liners, Primers & Coatings
Pit & Fissure Sealers
Cavity Liner
Bonding Agent
CuRay Dentin/Enamel Bonding System
Composite Restoratives
Anterior/Posterior Restoratives
Flowable Restoratives
Core Build-Up Materials
Crown and Bridge Material
Temporary Restoratives
Dental Cements
Permanent Cements
Temporary Cements
Implant Cements
Orthodontic Adhesives/Cements
Auxiliary Dental Materials
Tooth Conditioners
Polishing Pastes
Primer/Adhesion Promoter
Releasing Agent
About Us

The following materials are available from Scientific Pharmaceuticals for sale under private label and in bulk form. Special discounts are available for health programs sponsored by research, charitable, and educational institutions, as well as United Nations related organizations and governmental agencies.

  • Composite Restorative, hybrid-type, self-cured
  • Composite Restorative, light-cured in various shades
  • Flowable Composite, various shades
  • Zinc Phosphate Cement
  • Zinc Polycarboxylate Cement
  • Glass Ionomer Cement
  • Zinc Oxide/Eugenol Cement
  • Temporary and Intermediate Restoratives
  • Enamel Etching Agents, liquid and gel forms
  • Dentin Conditioners
  • Fissure Sealer, clear or opaque, self-cured
  • Fissure Sealer, clear or opaque, light-cured
  • Topical Fluoride Gels, 1.23% fluoride ion, various flavors
  • Cavity Varnishes, copal and synthetic types
  • Orthodontic Adhesives: Self-cured, Light-cured, Conventional, and No-mix type
  • Polishing Paste for restoratives
  • Polishing Paste for dental ceramics, diamond filled
  • Pressure Indicating Paste
  • Temporary Restorative, saliva cured
  • Teeth whitening Gels
  • Light-Cured Orthodontic Band Cement
  • Core Build-Up Restoratives: Self-, light-, and dual-cure type
  • Temporary Crown and Bridge Material
  • Light-Cured Casting Resin
  • Various Accessories - disposable spatulas, disposable brushes, mixing pads, disposable mini sponges, mixing wells, dispensing containers, etc.
  • Desensitizing Varnishes