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Sealers, Liners, Primers & Coatings
Pit & Fissure Sealers
Cavity Liner
Bonding Agent
CuRay Dentin/Enamel Bonding System
Composite Restoratives
Anterior/Posterior Restoratives
Flowable Restoratives
Core Build-Up Materials
Crown and Bridge Material
Temporary Restoratives
Dental Cements
Permanent Cements
Temporary Cements
Implant Cements
Orthodontic Adhesives/Cements
Auxiliary Dental Materials
Tooth Conditioners
Polishing Pastes
Primer/Adhesion Promoter
Releasing Agent
About Us

A. Minimum order requirements are:

-For wholesale purchases, $250
-For retail purchases, $30

B. All prices shown on the current price lists, or quoted upon customers’ request, are FOB factory and subject to change without notice.

C. Scientific Pharmaceuticals may refuse to honor orders from accounts that are overdue or have exceeded their credit limit.

D. Scientific Pharmaceuticals expressly disclaims any responsibility for the use of its materials in other ways, or for other purposes, than those described in its technical literature.

E. Purchased materials may be returned for full credit or replacement, at the discretion of Scientific Pharmaceuticals under the following conditions:

  1. The merchandise is returned to the entity from which it was originally purchased after receiving authorization from the seller.
  2. The material has not performed according to specifications during its claimed shelf life, although it was stored and handled as recommended by Scientific Pharmaceuticals, or it was returned within 30 days after purchase and no more than 20% of the contents were used.

F. 1 ½ % monthly finance charges will be added to all past-due balances.


Scientific Pharmaceuticals’ products are warranted to be free of defects and to perform according to specifications during their stated shelf life, when stored under specified conditions and used for purposes indicated in our company’s technical literature. Scientific Pharmaceuticals’ sole warranty is limited to issuing credit or providing replacement for the defective material.


  • Material Safety Data Sheets will be provided to the users of Scientific Pharmaceuticals’ products upon request.
  • Some of Scientific Pharmaceuticals’ dental materials and accessories are available in alternative packaging versions for private labeling.
  • Scientific Pharmaceuticals may accept assignments from third parties for contract manufacturing and contract research. Inquiries are welcome.