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Core build-up materials are designed to replace missing coronal tooth structure before cementation of prosthesis. They are usually used in conjunction with pins and posts. Self-, light-, and dual- (i.e., light and chemically) cured composites may be used for this purpose. Desirable characteristics include good mechanical strength, insolubility in oral fluids, ease of handling, and x-ray opacity. It is also advantageous that the restorative be available in two forms: one a color highly contrasting with the tooth, and the other a neutral shade for application under semi-transparent crowns.

Sci-Pharm offers core build-up materials in several versions. Support® represents a conventional paste-type self-cured version, available in contrast (blue) and natural shades. The thinning resin included in the kit allows for consistency adjustments, if desired. LC Support® represents a light-cured restorative conveniently packaged in direct-to-tooth dispensing carpules. It features outstanding depth of cure and allows for convenient one-step core preparation. CuRay-Support® represents the most advanced and modern type of core build-up restorative, and may be cured in either light- or self-cured mode. It comes in natural and contrast (blue) shades. The consistency of this restorative can be easily adjusted to facilitate handling and expand its scope of application to cementing posts.

Sci-Pharm’s most recent addition to this category of dental restoratives is NewCore™ - a self-cured composite material, packaged in dual barrel cartridges. NewCore™ offers convenience of handling, alllowing for dispensing the automixed restorative directly into the preparation.


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  • Easy mixing; sufficient working time
  • Two shades: contrast for ease of distinguishing from tooth structure; and natural for use under shell crowns
  • Moldable, non-sticky yet adhesive consistency
  • Contains moderately hard filler for ease of carving and shaping
  • Allows for adjustment of consistency and flow, when desirable
  • X-ray opaque
  • Economical


Cat. No. 50-091: Part A Restorative-Contrast, 12g (Cat. No. 50-09)
Cat. No. 50-092: Part A Restorative-Natural, 3g
Cat. No. 50-093: Part B Restorative, 15g
Cat. No. 50-096: Thinning Resin, 2.5g
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Cat. No. 51-09: Support®, All Contrast Shade, 50g (pictured above)
Cat. No. 52-09: Support®, All Natural Shade, 50g (pictured above)