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Dentin varnishes alleviate post-operative discomfort and prevent pulp irritation caused by certain components of cements and restoratives. They also provide an additional measure of protection against secondary decay. The most cost effective among them, Copal Cavity Varnish, is limited in its use to sealing dentin tubulae under amalgam restorations, as it interferes with the curing process of resin-based materials. Sci-Pharm's more sophisticated Universal Cavity Varnish and its counterpart, Microjoin® dentin sealer, can be used under any type of restorative or cement.

Cat. No. 70-03 B

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  • Forms an impermeable barrier that prevents penetration of toxic substances
  • Reduces post-operative discomfort caused by sensitivity to hot and cold temperature changes
  • Suitable and recommended for use under amalgam and composite restorations, and for cementing cast restorations on sensitive teeth
  • Does not contain chloroform or ethyl ether solvents

**For Thinner/Remover, Order Cat. No. 70-04**


U.S. Patent 4,396,378