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Microjoin® represents a versatile luting system comprising a proprietary dentin sealer and a self-curing resin-based adhesive. The dentin sealer features excellent biocompatibility and provides protection to the pulp from chemical irritants, while contributing to better thermal insulation and enhanced prosthesis retention. This cement is virtually insoluble in oral fluids and features a film thickness below 10 microns. It features predictable, controllable and reproducible working time, ease of handling and versatility in applications.

Microjoin® is suitable for cementing custom restorations over vital and non-vital teeth, for cementing bonded bridges; periodontal splinting as well as for cementing laminate veneers and inlays. This cement is particularly suitable and recommended for cementing tightly-fitting prostheses.

Microjoin® is commercially available in two types of kits: The first kit
(Cat. No. 50-25) contains cement packaged in two separate syringes. An equal quantity of each Part A and Part B syringe is dispensed and then mixed with a spatula (provided) immediately before application . The material allows for adequate time to mix both components (approximately 30 seconds), and then to perform cementing applications. In the other Microjoin® kit (Cat. No. 50-26), both parts of the cement are packaged in one Automix dual-barrel syringe, equipped with disposable static mixers. The proper amounts of Parts A and B are mixed during dispensing, and the accuracy of proportioning the cement components does not depend on the judgement or skills of the operator. This system allows for substantial chair-time savings and virtually eliminates the possibility of operator error.


  • Film thickness under 10 microns
  • Consistent setting time
  • Virtually insoluble in oral fluids
  • Versatility and ease of application
  • Long shelf-life
  • Proprietary dentin sealer* protects pulp and reduces post-operative discomfort
  • Provides excellent retention and margin integrity

Cat. No. 50-26

(Download technical bulletin in PDF format)


Cat. No. 50-256 Cement, 6g x 3 Automix Dispensers
Cat. No. 50-253 Dentin Sealer, 15cc*
Cat. No. 50-254 Enamel Conditioner, 2g
Accessories, Instructions



Cat. No. 50-25

(Download technical bulletin in PDF format)


Cat. No. 50-251 Part A Adhesive, 10g
Cat. No. 50-252 Part B Adhesive, 10g
Cat. No. 50-253 Dentin Sealer, 15cc*
Cat. No. 50-254 Enamel Conditioner, 3g
Cat. No. 50-255 Part A Opaquer, 3g
Accessories, Instructions


*U.S. Patent 4,396,378