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Visible Light-Cured Flowable Composite Restorative and Veneer Cement Resin-Based Restorative Material

Light-curable filled resin for restoring deficient tooth enamel, acrylic veneers and minor defects in porcelain veneers. Also suitable for cementing fabricated laminate veneers

Cat. No. 50-20
(Download technical bulletin in PDF format)


  • High adhesive strength to etched enamel without the use of bonding agents
  • Superior esthetics provided by well balanced opacity and light reflectance
  • Excellent color stability
  • Versatile - may be used as a restorative or veneer cement
  • Ease of bonding to dentin when used in conjunction with CuRay Dentin/Enamel Bonding Agent, Cat. No. 50-120
  • Reduced oxygen inhibited layer contributes to the ease of finishing
  • Shelf-life of two years with no need for refrigeration
  • Fast application - one component restorative system
  • Excellent flowability facilitates application
  • Easy to match shades; compatible with Lumin shade guide


Cat. No. 50-201 Restorative, 3g syringe, Universal Shade -Lumin-A2
Cat. No. 50-202 Restorative, 3g syringe, Universal Opaquer
Cat. No. 50-203 Restorative, 3g syringe, Light Shade -Lumin-A1/B1
Cat. No. 50-204 Restorative, 3g syringe, Yellow Shade -Lumin-B3
Cat. No. 50-205 Restorative, 3g syringe, Gray Shade -Lumin-C3/D3
Cat. No. 50-065 Enamel Conditioner, 13cc
Cat. No. 50-064 Porcelain Conditioner, 6cc
Accessories, Instructions


Cat. No. 30-10 Disposable Spatulas
Cat. No. 30-30 Disposable Brushes & Handles


Cat. No. 50-208 B, Restorative, 3g syringe, Dark Gray Shade -Lumin-C4
Cat. No. 50-209 B, Restorative, 3g syringe, Dark Brown Shade -Lumin-A4

Cat. No. 51-20

Alternative packaging version of CuRay-Match restorative offers the following advantages:

  • Expanded shade selection
  • Simplified handling; direct to tooth application
  • Reduced waste


4.8g Restorative in 4 shades
Accessories, Instructions


Cat. No. 50-213 B Light Shade -Lumin-A1/B1
Cat. No. 50-211 B Universal Shade -Lumin-A2*
Cat. No. 50-210 B Light Brown Shade -Lumin-A3
Cat. No. 50-212 B Medium Brown Shade -Lumin-A3.5
Cat. No. 50-219 B Dark Brown Shade -Lumin-A4
Cat. No. 50-217 B Light Yellow Shade -Lumin- B2
Cat. No. 50-214 B Yellow/Brown Shade -Lumin- B3*
Cat. No. 50-220 B Light Gray Shade -Lumin- C1
Cat. No. 50-216 B Medium Gray Shade -Lumin-C2
Cat. No. 50-215 B Gray/Brown Shade -Lumin-C3/D3*
Cat. No. 50-218 B Dark Gray Shade -Lumin- C4
Cat. No. 50-221 B Gingival Shade
Cat. No. 50-222 B Incisal Shade
Cat. No. 50-225 B Light Opaquer
Cat. No. 50-224 B Universal Opaquer*
Cat. No. 50-223 B Yellow Opaquer

* Included in the kit
Each individual refill shade syringe unit includes 5 disposable luer-lock tips and instructions.


Cat. No. 30-55, 60 Disposable tips